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Montag, 28. März 2011

se7en hours journey of experience

After 7 hours journey with bullet train, I arrived in Hamburg and checked in. I planned to stay at the hotel for 2 nights, before I move to my new room.. Tomorrow I will meet the old lady, the one who offer me to rent one of her room in her house. (I hope she's not a cougar!! hehe). She said, she worked with airbus before, so this maybe easy for me to get information about airbus. Great!

I come se7en days earlier in Hamburg for reason. It's better for me to get use to the place, people, n surrounding. I also need to prepare my mental and physical for this internship. (No more 10 am day start!! sigh**)

Seriously, I'm nervous about my internship. What would I do, the people, does this internship is the right one for future engineer like me. Nevermind. This is the route the HE has showed me. I hope this is the best for me. Guys, do pray for me ok.

Se7en Colour Rainbow

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