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Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

se7en luxury house

If I would buy a house, it must have this criteria. I'll do anything to get this kinda house. I have friends who will be engineers and architech. I believe they would love to help me to built my se7en star house.

1. I love fish especially shark! So, the wall and the floor of the living would have a big aquarium, just like those Aquaria around the wourld.

2. A large with modern n simple living room with Glasswall

3. Modern luxurius bedroom, a place for me to rest.

4. Big garage for my cars.

5. Indoor swimming pool

6. Office at home.

7. Entertainment room

This is my castle, where I grow my family. I've been working for this for years and I hope, it will be built one day, because I always get what I want, with the Permission from The Almighty!

-Picture Source -- Google Image-
Se7en Colour Rainbow
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